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Everyone has a different experince and we would love to hear about yours! It also helps others that are considering attending one of our parties for the first time an idea of what to expect.


We attended a recent party on our trip to Vegas. Upon arrival the girls and the host made everyone feel welcome with no pressure. We are a married couple that loves a great swinger party/orgy!! All of people who attended were great and we had an awesome time. The two SEXY girls made sure everyone enjoyed themselves ;) This was the real deal and there was no BS to worry about. If your looking for a F*CK!NG great time be sure to attend one of Lolita's parties when they are in town. Already looking forward to our next time!! Stay Sexy!! ~Amber and Shannon ;)

I had a blast yesterday.... Lolita is just a sweet heart...I think you guys said you would be back to Tennessee sometime in May.... would love to be invited back...hopefully will see you guys next time around ~Jack

Hey Lolita! You probably hear this all the were yummy!! I felt welcomed, and comfortable through the whole ordeal. I had fun chatting with you & Kiki you guys were all so cool!
P.S.Lolita- I liked you in your comfortable black sweat pants & white tank top, at the end of the night. Sexy!! Haha ~Erik

I had a great time - laid back, unrushed. The girls where gorgeous and you could tell they loved to have multiple men take care of them. There is nothing hotter than having two women at the same time, and be able to watch while you fuck!  ~ Russ

I've been coming to these party's awhile now in Nashville the host lolita and kat are awesome everyone is cool! ~Marty

Your San Diego party was a blast. What a great time, and the ladies were fucking incredible. My my, that Trixie has some skills. Will I be back for more? Yes please...;) ~Michael

I had decided not to go to any Hotel based GB until I came to LUSTY ADVENTURES OC party last month! It changed my mind and has me thinking about catching the next party like a kid hoping to catch up to the ice cream truck!! Here is how I would sum up my experience and assessment of their parties: Great atmospheres, classy, safe, clean locations, Nice well managed crowd with good ratio and safe environment and most importantly, " Sexy ,insatiable hostess with GREAT attitudeĀ”! how makes sure you are welcome so long as you present yourself in accordance to their party rules & regulations! You owe to yourself to try them out ~Aaron

I had a great time at the Atlanta party. The lady was not only hot, but fun to talk to also. Hope to see you back in town soon. ~Tom

Attended the party in Indy & had a great time. These gals are real & very fun - cant wait to do it again... ~Paul

This was my first gb experience, and holy shit was it fun as fuck! The hosts were all terrific. Made everyone comfortable, no matter your experience or desired participation level. The girls were cute, wonderful personalities, and the guys were fun to party with. I can't fucking wait for the next one! ~Hooper

Had a fucking blast at the last one, can't wait for the next! I have a girl that wants to come and play, too. :) ~Daniel

These guys are the real deal. They throw a great party and, if you attend, you will have many opportunities to have a great time! Give it a try! ~Ken


We would love to hear about your experince with us!

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